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When Marcus, Errico, Emmer & Brooks opened its doors in 1993, condominiums were still a relatively new concept in New England and condominium law was just beginning to emerge as a legal specialty.  But the founding partners, who all had small condominium practices of their own, recognized that condominiums were poised to experience the same explosive growth in this part of the country they had already experienced elsewhere.  And they anticipated the need for law firms large enough and specialized enough to provide the full range of legal services condominium communities would need… [Read More]

Meet Our Attorneys

  • Stephen M. Marcus

    Stephen is a partner in the firm’s Condominium, Homeowners’ Association and Real Estate Development Groups, representing community associations, developers and lenders in a wide-ranging practice that includes: Reviewing, drafting and amending condominium documents; negotiating the [Read More...]

  • V. Douglas Errico

    Doug is a partner in the firm, concentrating in all aspects of real estate acquisition, development and operation. He is one of a small number of attorneys in New England with extensive experience in the [Read More...]

  • Richard E. Brooks

    Richard is a partner in the firm and co-chair of its Lien Enforcement Department. His practice focuses on the representation of Condominium Associations and everything that entails, including: Lien enforcement, document interpretation, rule enforcement, administrative [Read More...]

  • Janet Oulousian Aronson

    Janet is a partner in the firm and concentrates her practice in the representation of condominium and homeowner associations in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. Her practice includes all facets of community association representation, [Read More...]

  • Edmund A. Allcock

    Ed is a partner in the firm and is the head of the Firm’s Litigation Department. He is a Condominium Lawyer licensed to practice in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Ed has blended his [Read More...]

  • William DeBear

    Bill is a partner in our Real Estate, Condominium, and Litigation Departments. In his diverse practice, Bill represents condominium associations, developers, lenders, and buyers and sellers of real estate, handling matters that include real estate [Read More...]

  • Patrick J. Brady

    Patrick is a partner in the firm’s Condominium Practice Group, primarily representing condominium associations. He works closely with condominium Boards in all areas of community association law, including drafting amendments to condominium documents, providing opinions, [Read More...]

  • Mark S. Einhorn

    Mark is a Partner in the Firm. Since joining the firm in 2004, Mark has been an integral part of the firm’s Transactional and Condominium Practice. He routinely advises condominium associations and association managers on [Read More...]

  • Jennifer L. Barnett

    Jennifer is a partner in our Litigation Department, concentrating her practice in the areas of civil and appellate litigation, condominium law and real estate law. In addition to litigating, Jennifer continuously counsels clients on a [Read More...]

  • Matthew W. Gaines

    Matt is a Partner in our Condominium Practice Group and Real Estate Department. As an attorney in the firm’s Condominium Group, Matt focuses on the review and drafting of condominium documents, lien enforcement actions, the [Read More...]

  • Dean T. Lennon

    Dean is a partner in the firm’s Condominium Practice Group, where he focuses his practice on lien enforcement and rules enforcement matters. Dean additionally drafts condominium document amendments and resolutions and works closely with Boards [Read More...]

  • John E. Shaffer

    John is a partner in the firm’s Condominium Practice Group, focusing on construction law, contracts and environmental law. John negotiates and drafts construction contracts, wireless and cable leases and numerous other commercial agreements, advises clients [Read More...]

  • William F. Thompson

    Will is a partner in the firm’s Condominium Practice Group. Will provides strategic advice to Condominium Associations on a broad spectrum of legal issues related to condominiums. These areas include: interpretation of governing documents, condominium [Read More...]

  • Thomas W. Aylesworth

    Thom brings more than 20 years of legal experience to the firm’s Litigation Department. Since joining the firm in 2012, he has represented condominium clients in Massachusetts and New Hampshire litigation matters involving construction defects, [Read More...]

  • Paul J. Barresi

    Paul is an Associate in the firm’s Condominium Practice Group, specializing in lien enforcement. Experienced in both lien enforcement and bankruptcy law, Paul has tried cases in trial courts in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. [Read More...]

  • Laura White Brandow

    Laura is an associate in the firm’s Condominium Practice Group, concentrating her practice on condominium bankruptcy and foreclosures for residential, commercial and time-share condominiums. She also represents lenders in closings, foreclosures, bankruptcies, loan workouts and [Read More...]

  • Haley M. Byron

    Haley is an associate in the firm’s litigation department. She joined the firm in 2011, and since that time has focused her practice on condominium, real estate and construction matters. Prior to joining the firm, [Read More...]

  • Amie DiGiampaolo

    Amie is an associate in the firm’s litigation department. She joined the firm in 2017 and focuses her practice on condominium and real estate litigation. Prior to joining the firm, Amie worked at a Newton [Read More...]

  • Alexander W. Levine

    Alexander is an associate in our Litigation Department. His primary areas of practice include tort, construction, real estate and land use litigation. He also provides general representation to the firm’s client in real estate law [Read More...]

  • Norman Orban

    Norman is an associate in the firm’s Litigation Department. He joined the firm in 2017 and focuses his practices on condominium, real estate and construction litigation. Prior to joining the firm Norm worked in a [Read More...]

  • Joseph D. Saurino

    Joe is an associate in the firm’s Condominium Group, where he focuses on advising both condominium association boards and property managers on the ins and outs of the Massachusetts condominium statute, as well as on [Read More...]

Tanya F.
Marcus Errico Emmer Brooks PC

Isn’t it wonderful to have somebody who you can contact early in the morning or late at night because you stumbled across a legal problem and you can’t find an answer to it yourself? His name is Stephen Marcus, and he is the best condominium attorney I know. His other strong suit is an ability to surround himself with a group of talented and hard working attorneys ready to provide their clients with exceptional legal services.

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