Thomas O. Moriarty Begins Term As President of Massachusetts Real Estate Bar Association

Published on: January 1, 2010

On January 1, 2010, MEEB’s own Thomas O. Moriarty began his term as President of the prestigious Real Estate Bar Association of Massachusetts (“REBA”). Tom now joins a list of prominent real estate lawyers and former Judges who have presided over REBA during its 150-year existence.

As President, Tom will actively promote the REBA mission to advance the practice of real estate finance services law by creating and sponsoring professional standards, actively participating in the legislative process, creating educational programs and materials, and demonstrating and promoting fair dealing and good fellowship among members of the real estate bar.

Tom takes the helm of REBA at a very challenging time, as REBA is engaged in a legal battle against out of state non-lawyer settlement service providers, which REBA believes are engaged in the unauthorized practice of law in Massachusetts. Proceedings in that legal battle are currently pending in the United States First Circuit Court of Appeals. REBA has also asked that the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ultimately decide the important question of whether conveyancing of real estate constitutes the practice of law in Massachusetts. Tom and REBA are committed to the fight and are determined, confident and committed to the work it will take to see this case through and to prevail.

You will also find Tom active and a participant in REBA’s twice-yearly real estate conferences, which are very strongly attended. In addition, Tom will continue to work to ensure that REBA’s varied and specialized subcommittees continue to host strong, well-attended informative meetings and that its alternative dispute program, which has been approved by the Land Court, the Superior Court and Housing Court and which has a volunteer pilot program in the Bankruptcy Court continues to thrive and grow. More information about REBA, including membership opportunities is available at its website at

MEEB is proud of Tom’s accomplishment and knows that REBA is in good hands.