Former MEEB Lawyer Judith Flanagan Kennedy Sworn In As New Mayor of Lynn by Former MEEB Lawyer and Current Housing Court Judge Marylou Muirhead

Published on: January 1, 2010

January 4, 2010 will be an evening to be remembered by MEEB lawyers, as former MEEB attorney Judith Flanagan Kennedy was sworn in as the new mayor of Lynn. Making the evening more special was that Flanagan-Kennedy chose her former MEEB colleague, Marylou Muirhead, who is currently a presiding justice of the Massachusetts Housing Court, to give her the oath of office.

By all accounts Flanagan-Kennedy’s election last week marks a new era in Lynn politics. Not only did Flanagan-Kennedy become the first woman to serve as the Mayor of Lynn, but her victory was the stuff of legend. Flanagan-Kennedy defied all odds by prevailing over an 8-year incumbent by a write-in campaign. The battle continued beyond the election as the slim margin of victory, a mere 27 votes, required a recount, wherein her margin expanded to a whopping 45 votes. It is truly amazing and speaks to Flanagan-Kennedy’s spirit that without resources and without a political machine, that Flanagan Kennedy was able to rally more than 8000 voters who wanted her and no one else on a write in campaign, no less.

MEEB is proud of and congratulates Judith Flanagan Kennedy on her amazing accomplishment and wishes her the best of luck in her new position as the Mayor of Lynn.