When it comes to representing condominium associations, we do it all.  Individually and collectively, the attorneys specializing in this practice area have decades of experience drafting and amending condominium documents, crafting and enforcing rules, enforcing condominium liens, dealing with developer transition issues, negotiating and reviewing  contracts, handling association bank loans, land acquisition and disposition transactions, and representing associations as plaintiffs and defendants in all manner of legal actions, including:

  • Construction defect claims
  • Employment disputes
  • Fair housing and discrimination complaints
  • Contract disputes
  • Construction defect litigation
  • Insurance claims
  • Liability claims
  • Board of Health complaints
  • Land use, zoning and environmental issues

We represent more than 4,000 condominium associations of all sizes in three New England states – Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire and is a member of a referral consortium with wholly independent offices in Washington D.C., Virginia, California, Colorado, Georgia, Arizona and Hawaii.  Although our practice is regional, our perspective is global.  Through their active participation in industry trade groups and their interaction with condominium attorneys and industry executives all over the country, members of the firm are able to anticipate new issues and help our condominium clients respond proactively to them.  Our goal always is to help our clients avoid problems if possible, and manage effectively the problems they can’t avoid.  Although litigation is sometimes essential, we view it not as a first response but a last resort, when other means of resolving a dispute fail.

A condominium association is really a small business and we think its attorney should function as a general counsel, providing advice on business strategies and day-to-day operations as well as on legal issues.  We work closely with our clients, attending annual meetings and regular board meetings when that participation is needed.  We also work cooperatively with condominium mangers, accountants, insurance agents and the other professionals on whom condominiums rely to make sure our clients obtain the advice and support they need.