Published on: April 3, 2020

What About Property Management When It Comes to Business Closures?

Many people are concerned about whether or not property managers are classified as “essential” services during this crisis.  MEEB opines that this is the case.  CAI New England has formally adopted this position as well.  By way of update, CAI National has also adopted this position.  Moreover, the language used to describe “essential” services in the Federal orders is, in some cases, the same language being used in State orders.  This further supports the position.

In Massachusetts, there has been a recent development which now provides the most succinct response to this question.  On March 31, 2020, an updated version of Exhibit A (the list of essential services) provided with the Governor’s emergency order, was issued and is to take effect April 1, 2020 at noon.  Under the category heading “Residential/Shelter Facilities and Services”, the following language now appears:

“Workers responsible for handling property management, maintenance, and related service calls who can coordinate the response to emergency “at-home” situations requiring immediate attention, as well as facilitate the reception of deliveries, mail, and other necessary services.”

This language most certainly describes the work of association property managers and, as such, resolves the question of whether or not these are “essential” services in the affirmative.

Additional information is also available regarding Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island at the following links:




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