Published on: February 1, 2021

The pandemic has fueled the need for communication.  Pandemic communication has been innovative.  Zoom meetings have become the preferred means of communication.  They are so much better than conference calls.  Conference calls can be disruptive and downright annoying.  Half the time you don’t know who is speaking and people tend to speak over one another.  Zoom eliminates that.  Zoom also allows lawyers and their clients and consultants to work through and review documents in real time.  It is more focused and productive than a call.   Plus you get to see each other face to face.

Whether it’s zoom or conference calls scheduling them can be a chore in and of themselves.  How many emails does it take to schedule a conference call?  The over under is ten.  I have a solution.  It is the standing call or zoom.

I have been encouraging condominium clients with complex matters to set up standing zoom calls.  For more complicated matters we have a weekly zoom.  Less complicated matters are bi-weekly, others are monthly.

The standing zoom serves a few purposes.  First is much more efficient from a scheduling perspective.  We pick a day and time and send our calendar invites and zoom coordinates.  The standing zoom is on everyone’s calendar and accessible by the click of a link.  Second, the standing call encourages productivity.  Whether it’s the lawyer, the client or the consultant, the standing meeting gives us a specific date and time to make progress on our particular matter.  We all work better when there is a deadline.  It tends to keep matter moving with forward momentum.  People tend to be more engaged and come prepared when they have a regular meeting as opposed to a once in a while meeting.  The standing zoom encourages collaboration in a face to face setting and eliminates multiple e-mails about a particular matter.  Fourth and also significant, the standing call or zoom provides a forum and an opportunity to discuss a new matter, if one arises.

I have a few matters where the standing zoom or call has kept cases going with forward momentum.  I have noticed the participants are more engaged.  The standing calls are usually not very long.  Sometimes new matters or issues are discussed or raised.  Let’s face it, it’s not that different from having regular condo board meetings.  These just happen to be with your lawyer, which quite often involve important issues facing your condominium or property.

So stand with MEEB.  Contact your MEEB attorney and try the standing zoom or call and see if it works for you.


Written by Ed Allcock (