Published on: May 13, 2020

MEEB represented a Condominium Trust in a lawsuit against a developer involving alleged common area defects, financial improprieties, including low balling the budget and lack of adequate developer funded reserves.  The condominium was a phased condominium with different types and styles of condominium units with numerous recreational amenities.  The case and settlement also addressed a future extension of development rights and certain clarifying amendments addressing the different styles of homes and other matters to ease future governance at the condominium.  While the case was initially hotly contested, it settled during the discovery phase of the litigation, with the aid of engineering experts and financial experts.  More importantly, the case settled at a favorable amount because of the diligent work of the condominium trustees, who on more than one occasion had to gather the residents to stave off political attacks by the developer and its legal team and ultimately direct the owners and the litigation toward a successful conclusion.

The case was handled by MEEB Partners Edmund A. Allcock ( and Haley Byron (