Published on: June 28, 2019

Two unit condominiums are notoriously difficult to deal with when it comes to litigation and administration.  However, if the owners can actually work collaboratively and utilize the right professionals, success can be had.  This case presented one of those examples.

MEEB represented a 2 unit Condominium Trust (and its two unit owners) in a lawsuit against a developer, general contractor, architect and structural engineer in a case involving alleged common area defects.  The two unit condominium was located near Boston.  The condominium was new construction and the units sold for over 1.2 Million Dollars each.  The defects that presented themselves in this case were egregious and related to certain structural elements of the condominium, including a missing structural beam located on the plans but not actually present, as well as severe drainage problems.

The case settled for in excess of $600,000 because the Condominium Trust engaged a diligent engineer.   In this case the engineer’s decision to look beyond the plans and actually destructive investigation was critical.  That allowed MEEB to leverage the developer, the contractor, architect and structural engineer, as well as their insurers.  The $600,000 settlement is considered one of the highest for a two unit condominium.

The case was handled by MEEB Partner Edmund A. Allcock.  For any questions regarding this article, please contact Ed at