Ed Allcock’s CAINE President’s Message: Community Matters

Published on: May 13, 2020

As President of CAI’s New England Chapter in 2020 (and President of the National College of Community Association Lawyers in 2020), I wanted to send a quick note out to all CAI members, volunteers and business partners to thank them for their effort and service during the pandemic.  I also want to encourage those of you who are not CAI members to join.  It is a tremendous organization and since the onset of the pandemic so many local and national leaders and volunteers have been working feverishly to assist condominiums and industry leaders with COVID-19 related issues.
First, there were the daily COVID-19 emergencies in condominiums.  What to do with confirmed and suspected cases, how to respond with protocols and disinfectant programs, etc.  CAINE stepped up and put on a webinar and put out newsletters and articles to assist our members with best practices and policies.  Then, as in all emergencies, came the legislation and executive orders affecting how condominiums do business.  Much effort was given trying to figure out who and what was essential.  Chapter volunteers and local LAC leaders stepped up again, advocating with legislators, lobbyists, governors, attorneys general, insurance professionals and the like to advocate on behalf of condominiums and the industry as a whole.  Chapter leaders are now working feverishly to help condominiums and their industry partners to deal with the resulting financial crisis and how to navigate through government sponsored loans and programs.
The pandemic is far from over.  I hope that this event has opened our eyes.  Condominiums and our industry, like the rest of the world, were not prepared for it.  While we mourn our losses and dead, we are about to embark upon a new and different world and we need to be prepared for the next outbreak.  I feel that social distancing, masks, insurance, protocols, finances, reserves, disaster plans and common area policies will all become immediate priorities for our industry going forward.  We cannot go back to life as it was, but hopefully we can get to a new normal.
I am proud of how CAI and its volunteers have responded in an emergency situation.  The next step of the journey will be to prepare for the future so we can be ready next time.  CAI and its leadership will be at the forefront to prepare and position condominiums and the industry for this new normal.  Community definitely matters…please take one minute to watch CAI’s Community Matters video, which is a tribute to the community association boards of directors, managers, and professionals, like you, who are all working tirelessly in communities to keep residents safe at home. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgN-Pr5oB4Q
Thank you and stay safe.