Published on: April 3, 2020

MEEB represents a condominium in Woburn, Massachusetts that formed a “Compassionate Care Committee”.  It is a complex of 147 units, comprised mostly of residents over 65.  33% of them are over 80.  This community has been all over the issue since the virus broke.  They have stepped up the use of in-house and contractor help to regularly disinfect common areas and formed a committee to assist those that have confirmed or presumptive cases and are quarantining.  What they are doing for residents is remarkable.  As of yet, they do not know of any quarantined residents but they are gearing up to buy groceries, deliver mail and packages, run necessary errands, dog walk, trash removal and maintain communications with other residents to ease the feelings of isolation.  It’s a nice example of a community coming together.  They have a pretty detailed protocol and they said I could send it out to other communities.

The Compassionate Care Committee is made up of volunteer homeowners in the condominium.  Below is a link to their procedures.  As the 2020 President of CAI New England and the College of Community Association Lawyers, I am proud and encouraged to see such positive community outreach during these difficult times.  It is my intent for this to become a New England and national model for community associations.

If you have any questions or your condominium wants to form a caring committee to serve its residents or have other positive news or developments that your community is utilizing to deal with COVID-19, please contact me at

For a copy of the Compassionate Care Committee Procedures [click here].