Published on: May 13, 2020

Come Zoom with MEEB!  Condos need to amend their documents to lawfully and legally permit remote board meetings, electronic elections and even remote unit owner meetings during the pandemic and beyond.  To help Condos roll with the changes, MEEB will pay one year’s free subscription for Zoom with a condo amendment, (a $180.00 value), which will be credited against the cost of the amendment.

MEEB’s Preferred Remote Document Amendment gives the Board the discretion to permit remote: (1) board meetings, (2) electronic elections, and (3) remote unit owner meetings.  Unfortunately, most condominium and HOA documents were enacted in the 1980’s or based on some version of documents created in the 1980’s which require meetings to be held in person.

The preference is for Board meetings to be allowed remotely.  Electronic elections have been occurring for quite some time now anyway.  Remote unit owner meetings might be a little more difficult depending on the size of the community, but in the middle of a pandemic, the only other choice is postponement, which is no way to get business done.

There are distinct benefits to meeting remotely.  First, for meetings requiring the attendance of property managers, lawyers or accountants, they will be much easier to schedule.  Remote meetings will now open up the possibility of early morning or even lunch meetings for condominium boards, whereas they have traditionally been held in the evening.  Secondly, they will save condominiums and HOA’s money.  Professionals such as lawyers, accountants, and engineers, often charge for their travel time.  Remote meetings eliminate travel time.  Third, platforms like Zoom can be configured to record the meeting (which can be a negative, see below) if that is the preference of the condominium.  Finally, use of remote meetings may reduce burnout of property managers, who often spend as many as 3 nights a week travelling from one property to another to handle board and unit owner meetings.

As an alternative, some Boards and/or unit owners do not like providing discretion to Board’s to proceed with remote meetings and feel that it should only be permitted in a declared state of the emergency.  For those condominiums the remote communication platform only kicks in a declared state of emergency where gatherings are unsafe or impractical.  However, some Boards that consider Emergency Powers Amendments have decided to add additional emergency powers over and above remote communications, which might be advisable in an emergency situation.

So come Zoom with MEEB for free, get your documents amended so your condo can get back to business and be prepared for Pandemic II.

To get your documents amended and get a free year of Zoom please [click here].