Year: 2018

January 16, 2018

A HEALTHY START The consensus view of economists last year was that both inflation and unemployment would be higher at year’s end. They were wrong on both counts. Inflation has remained stubbornly (and surprisingly) below the Federal Reserve’s targets, and the employment market has been strong. The 148,000 jobs created in December fell well short of expectations, but the number was positive (employers hired more folks than they fired) for the 87th consecutive month, extending [Read More...]

January 16, 2018

Remember when George W. Bush described his politics as “compassionate conservatism”? At first it is a phrase that seems self-contradictory but then at a second glance it starts making some sense. Well when it comes to the collection of unpaid condominium assessments, my ethos is “sensible aggression”. In Massachusetts, the priority lien is the ultimate hammer and provides all the leverage an association needs to collect up to six months of regular monthly fees.  At [Read More...]

January 15, 2018

  Condominium insurance is complicated. This is hardly a stop-the-presses revelation. Board members and association managers who have shopped for insurance policies or dealt with insurance claims know how complex, frustrating, and headache-inducing these tasks can be. Insurance-related questions could easily fill several large books, but I’m going to focus on two that seem to arise with considerable frequency: What rights do condominium owners have when damage to a unit is covered by the association’s [Read More...]

January 3, 2018

TRENDING OLDER The rental population is trending older and wealthier, the shortage of affordable apartments is becoming more acute, reflecting demographic trends and public policies that are changing the face of the apartment market. Those conclusions come from the 2017 rental housing report published Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. The report describes two categories of renters: Older, affluent individuals, at or near retirement age, who are choosing to rent, rather than buy, and are [Read More...]